Water Jet Cutting Services

Water Jet cutting is a relatively new process for manufacturing components. It is suitable for almost any material and generally works in conjunction with Laser Cutting rather than in direct competition. Water Jet Cutting picks up on thicknesses where Laser Cutting finishes or cutting materials that are difficult to process by Laser, including the cutting of Composites, Plastics, Copper and Brass up to 150mm thick.

Having been involved in Water Jet cutting since 1989, we consider ourselves to be pioneers in this field with vast experience of Waterjet cutting all types of materials.

Our Water Jet Cutting Service offers the very latest in Technology including 2D Tilting head, which eliminates taper and produces much more accurate parts than conventional WaterJet Cutting systems, coupled with an 87,000 psi pump to ensure maximum power for faster cutting.

The next generation equipment we employ is the 5 axis Dynamic Waterjet system which has a fully programmable tilting head, allowing us to three dimensionally Water jet cut parts that have previously been impossible. For example, cutting a 45 degree weld prep to a 1Mt diameter circular end plate for a large vessel in one single operation eliminating the need for secondary machining operations.

Coupled with our Laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication and machining facilities, we offer a comprehensive manufacturing service.

For all your Water Jet Cutting requirements contact waterjet@synergetix.eu