Metal Fabrication, Machining & Cutting Services

sub contract engineering

The range of components and assemblies are manufactured using a combination of conventional engineering techniques and state of the art technology, applying our manufacturing experience to a wide variety of plastics and composites, however our real expertise lies with metals and alloys.Our expertise covers a large spectrum of processes, including but not limited to:

– Laser Cutting Plate, Tube and 5 axis- Laser Welding and Marking

Waterjet Cutting

– Fabrication – in all metals and plastics

– Pure water and Abrasive

– Cold formed components – pressing/bending/forming

– Tooling– design/ownership

– Extrusion – Plastics/Aluminium

– Fixings and Fastenings

– Plastic Injection Moulding

– Machining – CNC/conventional

– Punched Parts

– Plastic/rubber and foam parts

– Tube Manipulation

– Adhesives and alternative joining techniques

– Finishing – Plating, Heat Treatment, Coatings

– Sourcing Specialist materials

– Kitting – encompasses everything from the mix of components, fixings and even labelling

As part of our service, we can undertake 3D CAD modelling for visualisation purposes and a range of rapid prototyping processes for proofing out functions.