Our Clients

Based on in-house resource restrictions and time constraints the most companies generally select suppliers by looking at their website, talking to their sales office and sometimes asking them to fill in a quality questionnaire. This approach has a reasonable success rate, but whether clients are getting the very best deal on behalf of its organisation is questionable.

Many of our clients agree this is the accepted method of selection of suppliers and very few have ever visited their suppliers and truly understand their in-house capabilities. What parts are done in-house and what indeed their sub-contractors are sub-contracting down the line.

We offer to our clients a ‘Single Source Supplier’ solution, having the benefit of a network of pre-qualified manufacturers that are rigorously selected. Synergetix  visit and qualify every supplier we use as part of our vetting process to ensure their suitability for the task suggested,  ensuring we have access to the best supplier for that particular operation. The consistent factor amongst our clients is its need to outsource bespoke and small batch production or non-core processes.

Our experience tells us the very best subcontractors stick to their own area of expertise and generally don’t want the responsibility of the full project, this however can leave the customer the unwelcome task of sourcing multiple suppliers, and managing the logistics of moving assemblies through numerous suppliers.

We provide this seamless link bringing together all areas of expertise ensuring the best finished product on behalf of our client.

Our aim is to service our clients beyond their expectation, we can only achieve this by actively seeking our clients rather than taking on whoever approaches us, we therefore limit the number we take on. This allows us to focus our efforts on building strong relationships by giving our clients as much of our time as and when they need it, this in turn allows us to consistently meet commitments. Our service is best suited to companies whose components have multi operations or their overall product range covers numerous manufacturing processes.

We currently have both clients and suppliers throughout Europe, with a manufacturing representative in the Far East to capitalise on the need for larger volumes.