Synergetix FAQs

Why would we use your service?

If only it was as easy as selecting a supplier, placing the order and the goods arriving as expected and promised. We free your valuable time to manage the three critical elements of price, quality and service across a broad range of products and take full responsibility for this.

Not being limited on equipment means we can actually be more competitive, keeping our overheads to a minimum and receiving preferential rates from our suppliers. In many instances we undertake our own costing process for suppliers so effectively take out this cost from their operation.

Does Synergetix expect to replace our current suppliers?

We understand how important good relationships are within the supply chain and these relationships can take years to develop the trust needed for success. We therefore see a place for us working alongside existing suppliers, although most Companies are looking to rationalise their supplier base, Synergetix are ideally placed to offer this to its client,  if required.

How do you manage the quality?

Although all our suppliers are ISO certified, the real difference is the time given to each component. Measuring our suppliers performance is also instigated regularly and addressed with the appropriate action. The final safety net is our rigorous checks prior to delivering to our client’s site.

What happens with repeat work?

Generally once this work is placed we try not to unsettle the supply chain, this assists with maintaining a consistent and reliable source, unless our clients aim is to continuously reduce the base cost of the item against pre-determined targets.

Why don’t we just post our enquiry on one of the dozens of RFQ type sites to get the best deal?

Admittedly, these sites have their place in the industry, however what we offer is completely different being much more people focused rather than net based. If price is the primary concern on every item you purchase and you are prepared to handle the dozens of calls from subcontractors to deal with your enquiry, this may be the type of service that is right for you. This approach may involve increasing your supplier base which again may not be an issue for all companies as managing these and the quality offered can be a major obstacle.