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Our first major job in injection moulding has been delivered this week.

The job entailed manufacturing 40,000 plastic end caps to cap off a bespoke Aluminium extrusion.  The quality of these components was paramount for the $600M redevelopment project at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan.

The initial design was submitted to our client by presenting a 3D CAD model of how the end cap would look. Once agreed, a sample end cap was ‘3D printed’ to allow the client to physically see what the finished part would look like on the extrusion. A colour matching exercise then took place to mix the colour to the exact finish of the powder coated Aluminium. Our client rejected the opportunity to save costs via China based on the importance of this ‘final touch’ part. Working closely with our UK partner, the tooling was designed and manufactured resulting in the job being delivered on time and within budget.

Subsequently, we now have our second volume project for 250,ooo for a point of sale item for a major retailer.